Any persons who can vouch for their expertise in arbitration, and prove their impartiality and earnestness may join Arbitrando. However, they must be professionals with an already high degree of professional experience and they must be at least 30 years of age.

The Arbitrando By-Laws of 2016 illustrate how to join under articles 5 and 6; please refer to the rules set out therein.

In short, any person who wishes to join must file a written application with the Board of Governors, jointly with documents attesting that they meet the requirements set out in the Association’s By-Laws.

The new member will be admitted by unanimous vote of the Board of Governors, after consulting the Founders’ Committee, and their admission will be complete when their annual dues are paid as provided under the By-Laws.

After being a member for at least two years, the Board of Governors may approve by unanimous vote, after consulting the Founders’ Committee, whether to include the Member in the

After being a member for at least two years, the Board of Governors may approve by unanimous vote, after consulting the Founders’ Committee, whether to include the Member in the list of professionals that may be appointed as arbitrators. In any event, before joining the Association all ordinary Members will be adequately trained and may be subject to assessments, the nature and scope of which may be determined from time to time by the Board of Governors.

The cost of membership dues approved for 2020, as an extraordinary measure considering the COVED-19 pandemic healthcare emergency, is equal to EUR 100.00.


Arbitrando intends to offer its members a series of benefits and opportunities for their training and information on arbitration-related matters.

Specifically, the Association intends to offer its members


A members log-in will be reserved to all members on the association’s website, through which documentation, notices, and information relating to association operations may be found. In addition, members will be able to consult arbitration-related educational and archival materials, such as, for example, legal theory textbooks, anonymously published arbitration awards, procedural orders in arbitration proceedings, selected lower court and Supreme Court case law on arbitration matters, etc.


The Association has been organizing for years and with great success training events which – involving its members and esteemed docents – are aimed at a target audience of interested professionals (with the benefit of being accredited for continuing legal education credits by the relevant bar associations).

Arbitrando also offers its members the chance of attending these events free of charge.

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Arbitrando allows its members to regularly attend a series of meetings which, thanks to the involvement of founding members, are aimed at providing up-to-date information on the association’s progress, and at offering a chance to discuss the multifarious topics and expertise required to effectively conduct arbitration procedures. To foster the growth of its members’ expertise and the sharing of their professional experiences, Arbitrando encourages the creation of study and research committees, by promoting, among other things, social and convivial events.


The Association, depending on the number of arbitrations being handled and on the requests made by interested members, wishes to offer the ability to listen in on one or more arbitration hearings, with the consent of the parties, which will sign a specific authorization to that effect upon starting the arbitration procedure.

This opportunity is subject to changes or may not be offered in the future due to organizational requirements.


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