Arbitrando is an association established in 2011 by an interdisciplinary group of professionals (lawyers, accountants, engineers and business consultants), qualified and experienced in national and international arbitration.

The main purpose of Arbitrando is to promote the use of arbitration by making it accessible to the public on an even wider scale. Arbitrando is not an institution that manages arbitration proceedings.

  • promotes the use, knowledge and culture of arbitration, both in Italy and abroad, with various training and information initiatives (events, conferences, courses, seminars, webinars, scientific contributions and publications, videos) focusing on arbitration and opened to all, with guests from the academic, professional and business fields;
  • encourages the use of the arbitration instrument in sectors and areas of law where it is traditionally less widespread, fostering greater awareness of its potential, in terms of efficiency, cost reduction, time and quality of the decision-making process, in accordance with the guidelines and best practices, to guarantee a swift, efficient, impartial operation in line with the highest international standards;
  • ensures the continuous updating of its members with respect to arbitration issues, on which its members have acquired specific skills and extensive experience, depending on the departments they belong to within Arbitrando (banking, corporate, contract law, condominium, property rights, family law, international law, intellectual property law, labour, sport)

Through the association, the members of Arbitrando constantly cooperate with companies, organisations, institutions and entities, with a view to promote arbitration. They are able to provide potential users with guidance in choosing the most suitable arbitration clause in respect of each type of contractual relationship, in choosing the arbitration institution – national or international – as well as in the choice of the arbitrator


Eugenio Aurisicchio
Massimo Audisio
Lydia Ansaldi
Antonella Attubato
Daniele Barelli
Gianluca Bona
Alessandro Bossi
Monica Cattaneo
Luca Cariotti
Sergio Cavallari
Grazia Ofelia Cesaro
Giulia Coffani
Carola Colombo

Andrea Colorio
Federica Costa
Fabio Cozzi
Giancarlo de Caroli
Giuseppe De Naro Papa
Renato D’Andrea
Mario Sergio Dusi
Valentina Farenga
Mario Fusani
Francesca Intersimone
Francesca Locatelli
Carola Maini
Donatella Marino

Matteo Masiello
Nadia Milone
Jane Mori
Annapaola Negri Clementi
Marco Nucci
Livia Oglio
Elena Olivetti
Mario Paccoia
Antonio Papi Rossi
Ferruccio Papi Rossi
Daniele Papone
Francesca Petronio
Davide Piazzoni

Gianluca Pojaghi
Roberto Pozzi
Riccardo Ravasio
Federico Redaelli
Marianna Sala
Emmanuele Serlegna
Enrico Spagnolo
Maria Spataro
Massimo Stefanutti
Silvia Vanoni
Alberto Venezia


Lo Statuto

Scarica lo Statuto Arbitrando 2018

Scarica lo Statuto Arbitrando 2016

Organizational chart

President: Elena Olivetti
Vice-President: Mario Paccoia
Board of directorts: Fabio Cozzi, Mario Dusi, Mario Fusani, Nadia Milone, Jane Mori, Mario Paccoia
Secretary: Gianluca Bona
Treasurer: Carola Colombo
Honorary President: Alessandro Bossi