Reasons why to associate to Arbitrando


is keen to provide its members and associates with continuing education programs and materials on arbitration proceedings to keep their preparation up to date.

In particular Arbitrando makes available for all its Members:

Restricted Area

Through this Area all Members will have access to relevant news and events concerning the life of the Association as well as selected materials relating arbitration proceedings such as legal doctrine on the subject , anonymized awards, deeds and specific orders rendered in other proceedings, specific case law sub divided by topics.

Continuing Education

Arbitrando’s education program, which is free for its Members, shall include every year at least one specific event in the framework of Italian Bar Association mandatory continuing educational program at which will participate distinguished professors and practitioners internal and external our Association which will consent to participants to gain relevant credits required by professional law.

Organizational meetings

Arbitrando will also organize periodical meetings open to all its Members and associates, in order to keep them apprised on the life of the Association and more in general to discuss topics in relation to arbitration proceedings and surroundings. Additionally also an annual dinner shall be held for any better interchange and socialization purposes.

Arbitration Training

Subject to availability and parties’ consent Arbitrando also offers to its new associates, for any their better professional growth, the possibility of participating during one or more arbitration hearings or decisional phases.