Enrico Spagnolo

name spagnolo enrico
address milan, piazzetta guastalla 10

nationality italian

date of birth 04/08/1954

work experience

dates 2014
member of rotary club milano porta venenza

2008 – 2012
founding member of the association “arbitrando” formed in march 2012, to promote and spreads the knowledge of arbitration and facilitating the parties in the choice of arbitrators. we have written the book “la prassi dell’arbitrato rituale” that will be published by giappichelli the next autumn.
frequency of various courses onarbitration: last the course “‘arbitration: fundamentals and techniques” at the chamber of arbitration of milan october-december 2011.
president of the examination committee lawyers in milan, from the exams sessions 2006/2007, 2008/2009 and 2010/2011.

national delegate aiga (young lawyers association) in ’90 years; for a long time member and director of agam association (milan’s section of aiga).
translator for the english language in the court of milan, n. 6927.

founder and owner of my legal office in milan, now in the center of milan, piazzetta guastalla 10, specialized in civil law, with particular attention to business and corporate relations, real rights, leas, inheritance , bankruptcy, and labour law.
on several occasion, i appointed as arbiter and often as defensor in arbitration procedures.

collaboration with several legal offices in london

assistant lecturer of professors carnevali and giorgio de nova in civil and private law at university of pavia.

collaboration with theoffice of procaccini, at pavia and milan.

education and training

dates 1981-1982
legal studies at kig’s college of london

dates 1981

enabling lawyers

dates 1974 – 1978
università degli studi di pavia, law faculty
degree in jurisprudence, with honors

dates 1973
liceo classico orazio- roma
classical studies

mother tongue italian

other languages

reading skills excellent
writing skills excellent
verbal skills excellent
reading skills good
writing skills elementary
verbal skills elementary

skills and competences (organisational, social and technical)
the various professional experiences and university studies have improved and refined my ability t think logically and creatively.
international experiences have given me the opportunity to familiarize with different cultures making me an open-minded and flexible person.
my organizational skills allowed me to estabilish my office, now with 4 lawyers, 2 legal practitioners and a secretary.
technical skills
and competences

office package (word, power point, outlook) and internet

artistic skills
and competences
admirer of painting s of the twentieth century
interested in theater and reading

other skills
and competences
advanced scuba diver

driving licence(s) italian license (category b)

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