Appoint the arbitrator

Should a Party wish or need to appoint an arbitrator, that Party may refer to Arbitrando, which in turn will propose to that Party a set of nominees chosen among its Associates who are suitable based on the specific competences required or necessary from time to time. Every Associate undertook vis-à-vis Arbitrando, but also in the interest of the customers, the obligation to act diligently and in compliance with the ethical code of the Chamber of Arbitration of Milan.

In order to allow the Association to duly select the nominees, the request will have to contain the following:

  • name of the Parties in dispute;
  • subject matter of the dispute;
  • value of the dispute;
  • main languages of the dispute documentation;
  • short description of the facts;
  • applicable law, to the extent that it is not disputed;
  • contact details where the requesting Party or its legal consul may be contacted;
  • any further useful information.

The request will have to be made in writing, signed by the requesting Party (or by its legal counsel or by a duly authorized attorney-in-fact) and sent via email to the following address:

The Association, after having received any further information or clarification from the Party, if any, will provide to the requesting Party a short list of nominees based on the following criteria:

  1. competence
  2. lack of incompatibility
  • knowledge of the main language of the dispute documentation
  1. number of proceedings already assigned;
  2. availability of the arbitrator candidate

The requesting Party will be able to choose, at its own discretion, a designee among those proposed, as well as not to choose any of them. In both cases, the Party will have to give – for organizational purposes – a written notice to the Association within twenty days following the date of receipt of the short list; where in this communication, the Party intends to designate one of the proposed nominees, Arbitrando will put the Party in contact with the chosen arbitrator. Any further contact or agreement will be of the sole responsibility between the Party and the chosen and appointed arbitrator.

This activity of the Association is free of charge, and no consideration, of any nature, for the activity described above will have to be paid by the Party and/or by the chosen arbitrator.