Why Arbitrando

Because is an organization made up with highly experienced and selected professionals
Because gives the opportunity to choose the arbitration formula also for litigation of minor value
Because its Members undertake to perform its duty under an utmost care of impartiality and independence
Because it is aimed to achieve the more efficient way to resolve differences

Arbitrando has come to light with the intent of wide spreading the arbitration’s trial as the more efficient way to resolve differences among any kind of parties, including those who do not customarily refer to it

Arbitrando is therefore particularly keen to succeed in being of help to all those parties and their consultants in selecting any more appropriate arbitrator in consideration of the particular professional skill which is required in the circumstance.

Relying on Arbitrando the parties will receive a short list of from three to six arbitrators, all members of the association, among which alternatively select the sole arbitrator or a panel of three.

Arbitrando’s members are all practitioners presently active in all more typical arbitrations arenas; most of them are lawyers particularly experienced in civil, commercial corporate and administrative law, but are also comprised accountants and engineers who perfectly fit into the framework and add technical expertise to the panels.

Last but not least Arbitrando’s are bound to a clear cut, straightforward and particularly convenient tariff, which is available to all parties upon request.

On that basis Arbitrando is sure to be able to consent to resolve all those ordinary disputes which would not imply severe discovery process in the reasonable time not longer than eight months, under the expertise of a panel of trustworthy arbitrators bound to apply the most favorable conditions provide for by Arbitrando’s rules.

Arbitrando does not function as an arbitration center nor as an “appointing authority”; nonetheless the parties may decide to retain Arbitrando’s services also in connection to administered arbitration for the purpose of selecting also in that case the most appropriate arbitration panel through its services.

Arbitrando is also committed to promote and participate in the development of the arbitration culture under a scientific standpoint and under a continuing legal education process of its members among the legal community in general at large.

In that perspective Arbitrando is active in organizing round tables and conferences among its members and more ample scientific communities on a country wide basis also with the purpose of achieving the state of the art of arbitration best practices.

Arbitrando is firmly convinced that its this continuing work in progress attitude aimed to prepare most experienced arbitrators among its members is his most invaluable asset on the entire Italian landscape