Intended Audience

A country’s reliability is highly dependent upon its ability in dealing with civil and commercial litigation.

Ideally, the most efficient proceeding, which incidentally also consent to downsize economic and psychological drawbacks that necessarily concern the parties of a lawsuit, should fulfil the following essential requirements; which, in turn, imply expertise of “judges” (or Arbitrators), timing as well as reasonable and predictable fees.

Updated Italian scenario show a very lengthy procedures and substantial backlog which requires a four year average span time to get a first degree judgement.

 Cost – effective

In this difficult situation Arbitrando is however able to provide a straight forward resolution of a commercial controversy, without any preliminary investigation, in approximately eight months with a fixed and very reasonable cost, also in relation to litigation of minor value.

Therefore, considering that it has been calculated, by reliable sources, that more than 2/3 of the expenses are due to the professional activity for the parties rather than the arbitrators Arbitrando recommends businessmen to discuss this opportunity with their advisors, in the perspective of the reduction of legal cost in terms of both time and expenses.

Multi-tasking Professionalism

Arbitrando does not involve just lawyers and legal counsels among its rows, however encompass skill and professional figures which may be involved in arbitration processes, such as accountants and engineers.

Arbitrando proposes to simplify the choice of arbitrators in favour of consultants and parties, who using its services may get fast access to a list of at least three neutrals, among which select a sole arbitrator (in case a panel of three arbitrators is requested, Arbitrando will supply with at least six nominee).