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Arbitration a practitioners’ Guide

On September 2012 the volume “La prassi dell’arbitrato rituale” by Alessandro Bossi, President of the Association “Arbitrando”, has been published in the collection “Ius peritum” Giappichelli, with the introduction of Prof. Fabio Ziccardi.
The editor of the text and the others authors (C. Colombo, A. Meglio, L. Oglio, E. Olivetti, M. Paccoia, A. Papi Rossi, F. Papi Rossi, F. Petronio, A. Primerano, F. Redaelli, E. Spagnolo. S. Vanoni) are all members of the Association “Arbitrando”.
The volume is a vademecum able to lead the reader in the entire arbitration procedure. It constitutes, simultaneously, a sum of short monographs on the single legal institutes and a unitary illustration of the arbitration phenomenon, examined through the perspective of the living right.
The volume is recommended to all professionals, not only jurists, because of its clear style and linear exposition, that doesn’t incur into the risk of being too general, thanks to the several examples drawn by the practice and by the jurisprudence mentioned in the text. The development of an arbitration procedure is illustrated and explained in all its steps, regardless to the order followed by the code of civil procedure, that normally guides other works.
The most authoritative and recent contributions of Italian legal literature and jurisprudence, as well as the result of studies, offer a valid support to the activity of those who deal with the institute of arbitration.
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